The processes and technologies listed on the previous page do not exhaust the entire list known to the author. It is possible to add much more. Most likely, they make up a list of technologies that interested the author of the site most of all in the process of working on these technological installations, during their development or modernization.

But among them there are processes that are currently in demand and are of great interest.

These processes and the possible level of consultation are listed below.


     1) Chemistry and technology for the production of pentaerythritol, including the isolation of sodium formate and dipentaerythritol. Recommendations for the selection of equipment for individual stages.

     2) Chemistry technology for the production of epoxidized soybean oil. As an epoxidizing agent, a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and formic acid. Recommendations for industrial technology.

     3) Epoxy resins.

     4) Formaldehyde technologies.

     5) Features of the production of cumene by catalysis of the alkylation of benzene with propylene in the presence of aluminum chloride.

     6) Features of the production of cumene hydroperoxide and its conversion into phenol and acetone.

     7) Pyrolysis of gasolines with the production of ethylene and propylene, features of control over raw materials and the influence of the composition of raw materials on the work of pyrolysis and the composition of products.

     8) Production of imidazolines and their quaternary derivatives.









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