Proper consulting is the key to project success


     The main content of consulting in industrial organic synthesis and petrochemistry is the actual chemical basis of the technology, chemical reactions, raw materials for these reactions, side chemical processes, products and waste.

     Below are the technologies, the knowledge of which can be used to some extent in the initial (consulting) part of chemical projects.

     1) Production of butadiene according to the method of S.V. Lebedev. Evaluation of butadiene production technology according to the Lebedev method in modern conditions. Piperylene. Purification of butadiene.

     2) Production of polyisobutylene. Dehydration of isobutyl alcohol to obtain isobutylene.

     3) Production of SKD - stereoregular butadiene rubber on Ziegler-Natta catalysts. The polymerization of butadiene (stereoselective polymerization) was carried out in solution in the polymerization department, where variants from mixtures of cyclohexane, benzene and toluene were used as solutions.

     4) Isoprene from formaldehyde and isobutylene.

     5) Patterns of liquid-phase and gas-phase chlorination, the specifics of the mechanism of radical chlorination in various media using various initiators. The processes of pyrolysis of organochlorine have been studied.

     6) Production of DMT (dimethyl terephthalate) by xylene oxidation.

     7) PhD thesis on "Hydroperoxide epoxidation of olefins with ethylbenzene hydroperoxide catalyzed by Mo, W and V compounds.

     8) Development of acetylene hydrogenation catalysts in the production of ethylene and propylene by pyrolysis of straight-run gasoline.

     9) Production of quaternary ammonium (imidazoline) surfactants for the paper industry, the production of antistatic agents, household chemicals, chemical and oil industries.

     10) Supervising the production of vinyl chloride and dichloroethane in the USSR.

     11) Participation as a deputy head of the USSR MHP brigade in the creation and commissioning of vinyl chloride, polyvinyl chloride production at the Ziminsky chemical plant (now Sayanskkhimplast) and carbon tetrachloride.

     12) Development of the project, construction and start-up of the production of dichloroethane from ethylene and chlorine liquefaction gases.

     13) Participation in the development of domestic balanced production of vinyl chloride.

     14) Transfer of technology of two industrial productions of pentaerythritol by soda technology to formate.

     15) A project of low molecular weight epoxy resin based on new technology has been developed.

     16) Modernization project of epoxidized soybean oil production and the basis for establishing the production of epoxidized soybean oil without the presence of an inert solvent.

     17) Modernization of production of ethyl and butyl acetate, isovaleric acid.

     18) Development of formulations of mixed solvents under conditions of acetone deficiency.

     19) Improvement of technology for the separation of fusel oils and their application in the chemical industry.

     20) Development of mini-methanol technology.

     21) Development of an industrial property management scheme, assessment of management, maintenance for refineries.

     22) Development of the configuration of a large refinery (modernization).

     23) Financial control over the construction of the refinery.

     24) Melamine market research.

     25) Technical and marketing analysis to assess the possibility of commissioning the production of chloroprene rubbers in Armenia.

     26) Promotion of technology for the production of hydrogen peroxide by the direct method.

     27) Promotion of technologies for the production of methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) and toluilen diisocyanate (TDI).

     28) Processes of nitration and reduction of nitro compounds.

     29) Technologies of regeneration and recovery of mineral acids.

     30) Promotion of activated carbons and ion exchange resins in various fields: Chemistry, Mining, Petrochemistry and Oil Refining, Water Treatment and Water Treatment, Food Industry, Ecology.

     31) Promotion of technologies for the production of acetic acid, vinyl acetate, phenol, bis-phenol A, polycarbonate (PC), aromatic transalkylation, ethylbenzene, styrene, epichlorohydrin.

     32) Monitoring of existing production facilities of ethylene and propylene, cumene, cumene hydroperoxide, phenol, acetone.

     33) Detailed consultations in the field of the world's leading production of formaldehyde, urea-formaldehyde concentrate (UFC), pentaerythritol.